professional resuscitation training for dental teams


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Format: One 3 hour (approximately ) in house training course.

Delegates will be able to engage with the trainer and share their experiences during the session by asking questions and contributing to discussions. We will discuss how to manage a medical emergency your specific practice setting, tailoring national guidance to your requirements. There will be an opportunity to carry out hands on AED supported CPR. There will also be an opportunity to check your practice's emergency drugs and equipment.

All sessions are led with your practice preferences in mind but topics usually

covered are:

Medical emergency guidance and regulation

Guidance and regulation specific to dental practices.

Emergency drug and equipment requirements

Recent updates

Primary and Secondary surveys.


Managing the conscious and unconscious patient.

Defibrillator supported Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Defibrillator conditions for use, indications

and contraindications.

Using CPR equipment including Oxygen

and defibrillator

Delivering effective chest compressions

and rescue breaths

Using the DR ABCDE approach to critical

patient care.

Signs and symptoms and treatment

of Medical conditions

Cardiac arrest

Myocardial infarction



Panic Attack


Epileptic seizure


Anaphylactic Shock



Managing emergencies specifically in your

dental setting

Specific challenges of responding to an emergency in your dental practice

Hazards to be aware of the dental practice setting

The benefits of having an up to date medical history record, staff training and medical emergency drugs and equipment and methods in which this  is achieved effectively.

The Provision of CPR in Primary Dental Care

during the COVID 19 Pandemic

Update of all national guidelines for the safe provision of CPR in the dental setting during

the pandemic.

Defibrillator supported Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Aim(s) of activity:

To give an initial foundation of knowledge or annual update of the dental care professional's knowledge of responding to medical emergencies in the dental practice. On successful completion of this course you will be up to date with the very latest guidance in managing medical emergencies in the dental setting, you will be able to apply prompt life saving treatment and satisfy the GDC, Resuscitation Council and CQC's requirements for dental professionals to annually update their skills and knowledge in this area.

Objective(s) of activity:

As a result of completing this course the learner will:

Be informed/reminded of all regulation and guidance relative to managing medical

emergencies in the dental practice.

Have sufficient knowledge to carry out defibrillation assisted cardio pulmonary resuscitation.

Be informed/reminded of legislation and guidance specific to the  dental practice medical

emergency management,

Gain or update their existing knowledge of emergency medicine and equipment required

and used by the dental practice.

Gain or update their existing knowledge of signs and symptoms of each type of medical emergencies.

Anticipated GDC development outcome(s):

This Course Meets GDC Development outcomes C

Total number of hours of CPD undertaken: 3

This CPD is subject to quality assurance by: Survive Alive Limited

Price on Application

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